What makes a good process serving service?

Process serving is the act of delivering legal documents like high court injunctions, a court summons or a property notice. If you want to be sure that a legal document has actually reached the right person, then you need someone that provides a process serving service.

Perhaps you’ve already tried to mail these documents, and someone claims they’ve never received them? You need a service that delivers face to face, so the recipient can’t make their excuses.

– Why choose EJM Investigations for process serving?

There are many companies that specialise only in process serving. Perhaps you’ve considered using one of these, rather than EJM Investigations?

We can assure you that if you want the best, you want our Preston private investigators. We’ll use our investigation and detective skills to make sure that we’ve got the right person, even calling upon surveillance techniques to decide when is best to approach them.

If someone wants to avoid your document, they’ll be creative in finding their escape. With our expertise, our clients can be sure that their process serving goes to plan.

– What happens if process serving goes wrong?

Incorrect process serving can result in delays. Court cases may be postponed, or even completely thrown out. Landlords might find that they can’t evict their clients, because they’ve not given the appropriate warnings.

If you want to be sure that someone’s received the right documents, then you’ll want a process server you can trust. Once a document is served in person, there’s no way for the recipient to claim that they haven’t been correctly informed.

– How can you arrange process serving?

For process serving in Preston or beyond, call EJM Investigations now. We’re Preston private investigators with process serving experience, for a professional service that you can trust with your most important pieces of paper.

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