Are concerns that your wife could be cheating affecting your marriage? Would you know what to look out for, if that were the case?

Relationships go through ups and downs, and though you can’t be sure about an affair without matrimonial surveillance or a confrontation that leads to a confession, there are certainly clues to look out for if you’re worried that your wife’s not being faithful.

Is your wife appearing less bothered about things that used to upset her?

Was your wife once the type of person to want quality time together, or got upset if she thought you found another woman attractive? Did she have a tendency to seem disappointed if you wanted to stay at home, instead of join her for a shopping trip?

If she’s now acting differently and seems more eager to go out on her own, or more open to the idea of discussing who you find attractive in your favourite TV shows, she might be escaping the house for a secret meeting or trying to validate her own straying feelings.

How much is she working?

Does your wife take longer to get home than she used to? If she’s working longer hours, staying late or leaving the house earlier in the morning, this could be a sign that she’s meeting somebody else. Matrimonial surveillance can help you to determine when she’s arriving at work and when she’s leaving, so you’ll know if she’s actually working longer hours or if she’s doing the hours that she’s always done.

Is she protective of her phone?

It may be that your wife used to be happy to leave her phone on the kitchen worktop. Now, she might take it with her when she goes to the toilet or keep it in her pocket even when she’s relaxing at home. It’s possible that she doesn’t want you to see when she’s receiving texts or instant messages, and whilst her motives could be innocent they might be signs of guilt.

You might also notice that she’s using her phone a lot more than she once did. Remember that the names in his contact list might not be the real names of the people that she’s in touch with.

Clues and signs are not solid proof. They’re not enough to end a relationship for. Matrimonial surveillance can give you the evidence that you need to make a strong accusation (or to allay your fears), and can help you to confront your wife in your efforts to find out the truth.

Routine and behaviour changes might be raising alarms for you. If that’s the case, call EJM investigations on 01772 334 700 for expert matrimonial surveillance. We carry out private detective work in Manchester, and all across the North West such as Wigan, Preston, Blackburn and more.

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