There are so many things that can put pressure on a marriage. Three of the biggest are money, work and children. Some of these are also the clues that you should look for, if you’re concerned that your husband might be cheating.

What’s his money situation?

Is he being more secretive about his money than before? Is he picking the bank statements up before they’ve even dropped through the letterbox? Is your husband spending more cash than usual, with nothing to show for where it’s gone?

None of these things are guaranteed signs of a cheating husband, but they could indicated that he’s travelling to see someone, that he’s buying gifts for someone else or that he’s booked a hotel room for a late night rendezvous.

How much is he working?

Is your husband working more than he used to, putting in lots of extra hours or doing evening or weekend overtime? Is it possible that he isn’t actually at work? Matrimonial surveillance often involves tracking someone’s movement, and it’s for exactly this reason that it can be so successful. Your husband might be leaving the office at the end of the day, but taking a detour on his way home.

Is he checking his phone more often?

If your husband’s looking at his phone a lot more than he used to, he could be checking for messages from somebody else. If he’s at all sensible, they won’t be under the sender’s real name. He might come up with excuses, like “my manager’s asking about something at work” or “I’m just chatting to my mum”, but if it’s out of the ordinary then it might well raise the alarm.

There’s no way to be sure that your partner is cheating, without catching them in the act. Matrimonial surveillance can be carried out within the limits of the law, with a private investigator using their skills to find out if your husband’s being unfaithful.

Look out for changes in routine, unusual moods and mobile phones that are never left unguarded. If you have any concerns and you need to know what’s really going on, call EJM investigations on 01772 334 700 for discreet matrimonial surveillance.

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