It’s recently been reported that popstar Beyonce hired a private investigator (working as a bodyguard) to keep tabs on husband Jay-Z. The two have a daughter together, Blue Ivy, and there have been reports that Jay-Z has been unfaithful and that Beyonce has concerns that he might be unfaithful again, as he’s frequently working away from the family home.

Anyone concerned about the state of their marriage can call on a private investigator for help. An investigator can carry out surveillance and report back on findings, perhaps tracking a car to another address or following a husband or wife to a location where they meet for a date. Matrimonial surveillance will have one of two outcomes:

No Evidence

Not all matrimonial surveillance will result in a person being found to be cheating on their partner. In some cases (and it’s usually the outcome that people are hoping for!) a private investigator will simply find that someone is stopping to take in the view on the drive home, or is arranging a surprise party for their husband or wife. There are many perfectly innocent reasons that someone might be getting home late, or might be a little secretive. It’s always nice to tell an individual that their fears and worries are unfounded.


Unfortunately, not all matrimonial surveillance will end so well. In many cases a private investigator will find evidence that someone is cheating on their partner. EJM Investigations will supply photo evidence and a complete surveillance log. The next stage, of course, is entirely up to you. Evidence might be used to confront a partner, and you can use a private investigator’s findings to decide the next step for your relationship.

Whether your private investigator finds evidence or not, you’ll be able to be reassured by the knowledge that you know where you stand. Why not speak to EJM Investigations for more information about matrimonial surveillance? Call 01772 334 700.

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