Individuals and solicitors in the North West require criminal defence services in Preston Manchester, Bolton, Blackburn and beyond. Private investigators with police backgrounds have the necessary skills and experience, and are exactly what we offer at EJM Investigations.

What do criminal defence services include?

Criminal defence services include witness interviews, from known witnesses or those that haven’t yet been located. For example, in a vehicle accident scenario a private investigator can find, and get information from, those that might have seen the incident. If a police investigation has been closed due to a lack of information, or if the truth hasn’t yet been uncovered, a private investigator can also continue the investigation to gather more information.

How can criminal defence services help solicitors and individuals?

If you feel that errors have been made in the prosecution procedure then contacting a member of the EJM Investigations team could provide you with the information and evidence that you need for defence. You may find that you (or your client) will be found ‘not guilty’ based on the information that a private investigation uncovers; whatever the outcome, we can guarantee that we gather the information to make the trial as fair as possible.

Actions for criminal defence include:

  • Re-interviewing known witnesses
  • Finding unknown witnesses
  • Locating new evidence
  • Finding any flaws in existing evidence

We are fully independent and can look to clear your name or cast reasonable doubt and, in many cases, find the person that is actually guilty.

Your private investigation for criminal defence is one that is unique and specific to your needs. To discuss your requirements in more detail, contact EJM Investigations on 01772 334700.

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