People require the services of private investigators to find information and gather evidence – everything from tracking a debtor to finding out if someone’s partner is cheating. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at being a private investigator, here are a few options:

  • Using Your Partner’s iPhone

If your partner has an iPhone with Location Services activated then that iPhone will be recording exactly where they go, and how long they’re spending in each location. If you’re feeling brave and can get hold of your partner’s phone then you’ll be able to access detailed data about where they’ve been, which could provide reassurance but might raise some very serious questions.

  • Going Social

If you’re not looking to see if your partner has been cheating but are instead trying to find a missing person – perhaps a long lost family member – then using social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter could prove fruitful. You’d need to know the person’s name, and ideally a vague location, but many people have found missing family members by searching for them online.

  • Background Checks

Using Companies House data and a wide selection of other websites and resources, business owners can conduct background checks before agreeing a contract with another company. Worried parents can conduct their own online background checks into the people that their teenage (or adult children) choose to date!

The Issues with Doing Your Own Private Investigation

Resources are available to conduct your own small-scale private investigation, but it’s certainly not going to be without its risks. Before being tempted, consider what will happen if your partner catches you looking through their phone or if you miss a crucial piece of information whilst doing a background check.

Always remember that a professional private investigator doesn’t just have experience (though this is absolutely key to a successful investigation) but also understands exactly where the law stands to carry out a fully legal investigation and to collect evidence that can be used.

If you’d prefer not to take risks and if you appreciate the value of a professional private investigation service, call EJM Investigations on 01772 334700.

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