Reconnecting while you have the chance
Reconnecting while you have the chance

The world has no doubt changed permanently with the COVID-19 pandemic. Even when we move out of lockdown and, eventually, can stop worrying about social distancing, things won’t be the same. Lockdown, social distancing and all of its related worries and anxieties have changed the way we think and will change the way we view the world and our relationships in it.

It’s also, for many, a time for reflection. Whether you’re a key worker on the frontlines, or you’re stuck working or parenting from home, there are still more times where we are sat, disconnected, with time to think about our families and our loved ones.

And for many of us, those loved ones may be people we’ve lost touch with. Whether it’s a biological parent that gave you up for adoption, or an old flame that you grew apart from but are desperate just to speak to once again, there are lots of people who wish they could find that person for even just one conversation. Even more so now, with Coronavirus making us look back at our lives and wanting to make the most of our future.

Where to start

Finding someone online yourself isn’t easy. That’s where the help of a private investigator comes in. At EJM Investigations we’ve got a wealth of experience in searching for people online. It’s never as simple as just typing in a name on Facebook and scrolling through a list of profiles.

We’ll use multiple data sources to track down someone based on the information you can provide, no matter how limited. With a private investigator you’ve got the best chance of success when it comes to finding clues that can point to a person, even if they’ve relocated and changed their name.

In normal circumstances, we offer services that go beyond online searching, and if you did choose to hire a private investigator and an online-only search proved fruitless, then we could make arrangements to continue the search through other methods as soon as they are available.

What happens once they’re found

The one thing to remember is that people have a right to privacy. Which is why, when you employ a private investigator to find someone for you, they should always manage your expectations up front on what the end result may be. Depending on the circumstances, they may only be able to pass on your contact details to the person, rather than give you theirs.

Which, of course, means that even if the person is found, you may not be able to speak to them. And yet, with everything happening in the world, is it not worth that chance? Many people believe so, which is why so many have asked us to help trace lost loved ones before.

Why not give us a call today on 01772 334700? The sooner you speak to us, the sooner we can try to find that person. And, hopefully, the sooner you can rekindle that relationship and start making plans to meet up in person once this is all over.