Like most businesses private detectives are obviously affected by the current restrictions that are in place as the nation, along with the rest of the world battles to defeat the Coronavirus pandemic. However, life goes on in the world of the private investigator albeit with some constraints.

Most reputable private detectives are members of one or more of the relevant professional associations. They have produced guidelines for their members to follow so that they can comply with the safety requirements whilst still providing a service to their clients. The ABI Guidance can be read here.

We are fortunate that this situation has raised its ugly head now rather than a few years ago. In today’s world information and communication is not only available at our fingertips, but it’s instant. That makes working from home a much more practical proposition for many of us and private detectives are no exception. True, not everything they do but at least some of their work can be done from home. All work being done away from home by EJM Investigations is assessed for necessity, and that it is essential to travel to complete the work.

Service of Court documents is one of the services that doesn’t lend itself to working from home and some Court work is classed as “key Work”. Private investigators who are acting on behalf of a legal team, or who have been instructed to serve court documents will be able to continue to work. HMCTS have released details of the type of court work that can continue. When serving documents personally  government guidance on social distancing is followed wherever possible. Hand sanitiser is used prior to and after completing any serve, service is effected electronically or via letterbox where possible. Any Process Server showing any symptoms of Covid-19 should cease serving papers immediately.

The courts have announced that Jury trials have been suspended. Cases which have already commenced are being continued where it can be done, utilising social distancing measures. In some cases it may be necessary to adjourn cases so safety measures can be put in place. Other cases which can be heard using methods such as video link will continue to go ahead.

Private detectives are still there working providing their service within the limitations imposed by the need to maintain as safe an environment as possible for everyone. It is a trimmed back service compared with that offered pre-Coronavirus. Like everyone else they can’t wait for normality to return and being able to provide their full range of services.

If you have been furloughed, or put out of work due to the lockdown then make sure you have read our back catalogue of blogs. We have recently been listed at number 8 in the top 15 blogs for private investigation on Feedspot where you will also find many similar blogs.