Finding childcare - how background checks are useful

An increasing number of parents are turning to childcare websites, and childcare apps, to find people to look after their children. has long been the most well-known of these online childcare options. Anyone can sign up as a childcare provider, including babysitters and nannies. They’ll start by providing details of their availability, along with any qualifications, on their profiles.

Parents can browse all of the childcare providers in their local area, to see which can accommodate their needs.

Now, Android and iPhone apps are set to take over. They include Bubble, Urban Sitters and Bambino.

Searching for childcare online

Finding childcare online is very convenient. It also allows parents to browse a wide range of childcare providers, before they make their decision.

It leads to increased choice.

It ensures that there will always be some available when you need a night out, or you’re going back to work and want a long-term childminder or nanny.

These apps and websites might sound too good to be true, but bear in mind that they do have imperfections. Whilst most will run basic background checks on all of their members, they are limited in what they can access. Many casual providers won’t have a DBS check, or references that you can validate for your peace of mind.

Verifying a childcare provider

Whilst registered childminders and nurseries will have a range of formal documents to verify their services, many nannies and babysitters will not.

Most parents would be shocked at the thought of leaving their child with a total stranger. But when you look for childcare online, can you be sure who’s reading the bedtime story whilst you’re driving to work for the night shift?

Private investigators can carry out a thorough background check on the childcare provider of your choice. It’ll make your nights out more expensive, but what price can you put on the safety and security of your children?

Before accepting the first online offer that you come across, contact EJM Investigations on 01772 334 700. Find a childcare provider that you can trust with the most precious person in your life.

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