Pre-Nuptial Surveillance

Is 2021 the year you’re due to get married?

If you’re planning your wedding, the likelihood is that your excitement is mixed with some nerves. No matter how sure you feel about marriage, it’s always a huge decision. Marriage is long-term commitment to your partner, and you’ll want to know that you’ve made the right choice and your wedding is everything you’ve dreamed of.

If your nerves are something more, you’re not alone. In fact, 2020’s lockdowns have made many people have doubts.

What’s causing your wedding doubts?

Perhaps you’re concerned that you’ve made the wrong decision, because living so closely with your partner during lockdown has done some damage to your relationship? If that’s the case, it may be time to call in a relationship counsellor.

Remember that the way we’ve been living recently is far from normal. Even in marriage, couples don’t usually spend all their time within the same four walls. During lockdown, couples have been forced to spend an unusually large amount of time together. How you feel now might be a result of this pressure, not a flaw in the relationship.

That said, maybe you’ve noticed something more? Maybe your partner’s acting suspicious, or spending a lot of time texting or chatting to somebody else instead of you? Maybe when your partner has gone out for exercise, they’ve taken longer than you’d expect? Maybe they’re making excuses to go out without you? When you’re together almost all the time, it’s easier to notice those small moments that should raise suspicion.

Could pre-nuptial surveillance help?

A private investigator can carry out what’s known as pre-nuptial surveillance. They’ll keep an eye on your partner, gathering evidence that shows where they’re going when they’re not at home. They can watch your partner when they leave the office at the end of the day, seeing what time they finish work and what route they take home, or can watch when your partner goes out for their daily walk.

Don’t go into your marriage with doubts. A lack of trust will ruin a relationship, and nobody deserves to be questioning their partner’s behaviour constantly.

If you’re considering pre-nuptial surveillance, it’s a sign that you love your partner and want things to work out. Otherwise, any doubts would have you packing your bags and leaving anyway. Surveillance should result in answers either way, whether they help you make your decision to leave or allay your fears so you can relax.

How to arrange pre-nuptial surveillance

Here at EJM Investigations, we provide private investigation services in Preston and further afield. Our surveillance experts will discreetly gather evidence, making sure that you get answers without your partner finding out.

Once you have your answers, it’s up to you what you do next. We’ll provide the evidence so you can confront your partner, or quietly leave.

We hope that your concerns are unfounded. Everyone deserves to start their marriage free from suspicion and worry. Often, pre-nuptial surveillance does nothing more than give peace of mind. In those cases where we find that your suspicions are correct, we’ll handle your case with the utmost discretion and professional sensitivity.

Call EJM Investigations for more information. We’re available today on 01772 334 700.

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