When pre-nuptial investigations can put your mind at ease

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the world is changing rapidly, and people are working hard to deal with the consequences. Some of these are life-changing. Some are minor conveniences. And sometimes those minor inconveniences can result in changes to your life.

As we enter what is traditionally wedding season, a vast number of couples are finding their ceremonies and celebrations postponed or outright cancelled due to Coronavirus. And while there are bigger problems in the world due to the virus, for many people it is emotionally damaging to have such huge plans thrown into disarray.

But for a minority of couples, these delays may not be the heart-breaking event that they are for others. In fact, a little extra time to consider the situation may be just what’s needed. Divorce rates have been falling, although when the 2019 statistics are released they are expected to rise (click for Office For National Statistics article) but divorces do happen. How many of those are a result of hidden information coming to light?

If you’ve been having doubts about whether your partner is the person you really want to marry, or if you think there might be more to them, then perhaps this postponement gives you an opportunity not to be rushed?

Pre-nuptial investigations

You’ll no doubt have heard of pre-nuptial agreements – they are certainly talked about widely in popular culture across dramatic movies. These (very real) agreements dictate what should happen if the marriage were to end – who would be entitled to what. They’re often used when one partner has significantly higher-valued assets than the other and wants to protect their pre-existing wealth should a marriage go awry.

But pre-nuptial investigations may be new to you. This is a service we offer at EJM Investigations, where we can look into your partner’s history (or, in some cases, their present) to help uncover anything they’re hiding from you. And that could be anything – it could be as serious as any pre-existing marriages, that could rule yours as null and void.

Or perhaps they’ve a history of cheating on you, or hidden wealth that they want to keep out of the marriage. Alternatively, it may be something ‘smaller’ – perhaps the one-off misbehaviour on their stag night, breaking rules you’d strictly put in place.

Whatever your concerns may be, no matter how grand they are, you can get help from our trained investigators. We can use a wide arrange of tactics both in-person and online to uncover any information or events that your partner has kept secret, so that you enter into your marriage with no concerns. In many cases we find nothing – evidence that shows your suspicions were misplaced. But the peace of mind that can bring is often worth more than anything.

And of course, there’s one thing our investigators pride themselves on – complete and total discretion. We understand that many partners would be less than happy if they were told they’d been investigated so we make sure we leave no tracks – so it’s completely up to you whether they know or not.

If this service sounds like something that could be useful to you – whether your wedding has been postponed due to COVID-19 or because it’s not due to happen for another year or two yet, then give us a call. We’ll help you identify the level of service you require. Call us today on 01772 334700.

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