Pre-nuptial peace of mind

Spring is well underway with summer about to hit, and across the UK Coronavirus restrictions are lifting. As such, we may be about to see one of the biggest ever wedding seasons, as people who postponed their nuptials during lockdowns in order to have the party they wanted make the most of the time available to them as the world begins to get closer to normal.

However, that happily ever after may not be quite the same vision of perfection that it was before everything COVID happened. Time spent cooped up might have caused some friction, or made you suspicious of your partner’s behaviour.

Also, it may have just made you second guess any red flags that you’d previously dismissed. Let’s be clear, this is not designed to be a negative post about weddings. Most couples will have a great life together! But for anyone out there who is starting to have doubts about their partner, there are ways in which we can help.

Pre-nuptial background checks

Firstly, a marriage is a major commitment, and one you shouldn’t enter lightly. So, it’s important you know your partner well, and that you’re not marrying someone with a hidden past or any potential background problems that could negatively impact you.

That’s why it can be a good idea to ask us to carry out some pre-nuptial background checks. These cover a wide range of topics that are all designed to cover your back in case there’s something amiss.

It’s rare, but your partner might already be married. Sometimes people leave their old partner and never formally divorce them, just hoping the problem will go away. And if you then try to marry them, you’ll either be blocked from doing so or you’ll find out later that your marriage isn’t legally binding. We can ascertain whether your partner has previously wed anyone else, and check the status of their separation.

We can also do some digging into their financial background. Marrying someone with a ton of debt can cause all kinds of financial headaches further down the line. While you don’t become responsible for someone else’s debts, you would be impacted by their credit score when applying for mortgages, and you would need to clear their debts with any inheritance should anything happen to them.

Finally, we can simply check that your partner’s history is what they’ve told you. They might’ve spun a tale in order to win you round, maybe building up a fake life to impress you or to hide past troubles. If you have any concerns that your partner has lied to you about who they are, we can find out and make sure that you’re entering a marriage based entirely around trust and honesty.

Stag and hen surveillance

With indoor venues starting to welcome back customers and weddings on the horizon, this also means an inevitable rise in the number of stag and hen parties. And because international travel is limited, many of those groups are going to be heading out to the same bars and nightclubs in the same cities. Add in the pent-up boredom from months of lockdown and you’ve potentially got a recipe for a lot of misbehaving.

What happens on a stag and hen do, and what behaviour is acceptable, is down to you and your partner to decide. But you both need to agree to limits, and then you can consider it a last check that you can trust your partner to listen to you and behave as agreed.

If you have any concerns about whether your partner can be trusted on their stag or hen party, you can hire us to keep an eye through covert surveillance. We’re able to keep track of the group, following them from venue to venue if necessary, to make sure nothing untoward happens.

That might be making sure your partner doesn’t cheat, or it could be as simple as ensuring there is no ‘entertainment’ that you don’t approve of. And if your partner is taken to a venue where they are, let’s say, dancers that you don’t want them to be involved with, we can let you know whether they honestly did then leave or if they were happy to enjoy it and break your trust.

We’re subtle and won’t let on that your partner is being watched, so you don’t need to worry. We’ll be able to monitor the behaviour of the party and gather any photographic evidence should things occur that you’ve established are outside acceptable limits.

Checking up on a cheating partner

Unfortunately, you might be more concerned about your partner doing something worse than acting inappropriately on their stag or hen night. You might have noticed signs that they’re hiding something from you, and could potentially be cheating on you.

This is something you need to know the truth about before you enter a marriage. If you’ve noticed your partner hiding their phone more, becoming distant or just seeming less interested in you, then you might want to ask us to carry out surveillance.

We can track your partner’s vehicle to see where it goes, and carry out in-person surveillance if there is a common meeting place, gathering the evidence you need to confront them.

Of course, if they’re hiding their phone and being distant, there’s a good chance they’re just planning a pre-wedding surprise for you. So don’t assume the worst, but consider using our services just to put your mind at ease.

Again, most partnerships are loving, happy and likely to continue to be successful. Don’t panic and see things that aren’t there, and remember that pre-wedding jitters are perfectly normal. You should be able to enjoy your wedding and your future marriage without any lingering doubts. If there’s anything at all that you feel we could help you with, just give us a call on 01772 334700 and we’ll let you know how our services can help you worry less.

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