Monitoring Employee Productivity on the Road

Town and city infrastructures are under unparalleled pressure. As more homes and business premises are built, the roads that surround them are becoming ever more congested. Traffic jams are growing in length, lasting longer and appear to be happening more frequently, with so many cars on our roads.

As a business owner, you’ll know that bad traffic has a negative impact on your business. It leads to unhappy customers, when your staff arrive late to their appointments or deliveries. Traffic issues can also reduce overall employee productivity. Your employees are sitting in traffic when they could be working hard on other things.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely avoid traffic jams. But, how can you be sure that employee productivity remains as high as possible?

  • Install GPS with traffic alerts

Sometimes, taking the back roads will save time. Many modern GPS systems will provide traffic alerts and diversions, and are very much worth the investment.

  • Plan suitable travel times

Where possible, reduce traffic jam risks by paying attention to employee scheduling. Setting off at 9.30am, instead of 9am, could save at least 20 minutes that would otherwise be spent in rush hour traffic.

If employees are expected to do admin and paperwork, can they do this early in the morning before setting off in their vehicles? Whilst this delays the start of their drive, it may save a lot of time and will also reduce fuel consumption. If they’d usually do this paperwork between jobs, then they can make a note to complete it the next morning.

  • Monitor your employee vehicles

If you’re providing a company car or van, then consider vehicle tracking. This allows you to keep track of your workers, and see which routes they’ve been taking.

Vehicle tracking can also help you to identify any employees that might be inventing a traffic problem, for a longer lunch break or a detour to get something from home.

You shouldn’t be paying for employees to walk their dogs, spend extra time at the fast food drive thru or sit and enjoy a scenic extended lunch. Vehicle tracking can identify those employees that may not really be stuck in traffic.

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