Missing persons - closure is needed
Missing persons - closure is needed

In the 1980s, 22 year old Helen McCourt went missing on her way home from work. Later, Ian Simms received a life sentence for her murder. This week Helen’s story has been back in the news, as Simms was released from prison. He has never revealed the location of her body, leading Helen’s family to say that he did not deserve to go free.

This tragic story has impacted the lives of so many. Those left behind suffer even more, because of a complete lack of closure.

It’s a reminder how important that closure really is, and the pain that can result from not having it. Though answers would never take away the grief and pain, they can help loved ones to move on. The same applies with any missing person, who leaves behind questions like ‘Where?’ and ‘Why?’

Tracing a missing person

If you’re missing a family member that suddenly disappeared, or find yourself thinking about a friend that stopped responding to your letters years ago, then you may not need to go through the pain that a lack of closure causes.

There’s hope. A private investigator can find the answers that you have needed for so long. If there’s any chance of success, a good private investigator will help you to find who you’re looking for.

You could be looking for someone that isn’t really missing at all, but that you lost contact with and wish you could find again. Or, you might be searching for someone that deliberately made themselves scarce. In any of these situations, a Preston private investigator can trace missing people all over the globe.

Even if someone chooses not to make contact again once they’re found, there’s so much to be said for simply getting answers and finding out where they are.

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