Royal Couple
Royal Couple

Family relationships can be fraught. Very few families come without their drama. Navigating family life is difficult for anyone, and Marmite couple Harry and Meghan are certainly no exception.

As Prince Harry leaves his life as a royal for more time with his wife and son, the world has been left wondering exactly what’s gone on behind closed doors. How much of the story have we missed?

Everyone has their own opinion of Harry and Meghan’s behaviour. Nobody knows the true story, so whether you believe that they’ve acted ‘like brats’ or that they ‘owe nothing and deserve to be happy’, you’re left without crucial information that could completely change your perspective.

The power of information

Information is powerful. Without every detail, you can’t make informed decisions. The same is true not just when you’re judging the world’s most famous couple, but when you’re making choices that affect your own life.

If you’re concerned that a partner is cheating, you deserve to know the truth. If you’re an employer worried about moonlighting employees, then it’s in your interest to get evidence. If a family member has been missing for decades, the right details can help you find closure.

Missing information leaves you unable to make informed choices. You can make judgments, but might not know the whole story. To be confident in your actions, you need to know what’s really going on.

How to get information

A private investigator can help you to get the answers you need and deserve. Wouldn’t the Royal family have loved to know in advance what Harry and Meghan were planning?

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