fly tipping detective work
fly tipping detective work

As we approach the end of the financial year for many businesses and public services, it’s also the time that council budgets are set. Many people are solely interested in how this impacts their council tax bill but considering the wide array of services a council provides, they should maybe think more about how these budgets will affect the local community.

Even as budgets are increased, there is still always a need for more money. Councils can’t afford to do everything, particularly when people are often actively working against them.

Dumping grounds

A perfect example of this is fly tipping. When members of the public or rogue businesses take it upon themselves to dump huge amounts of waste somewhere they shouldn’t, it’s a massive drain of resources for councils to then have to clean it up.

And then what’s to stop it happening again? Signage is ignored. A new security camera will just mean that the fly tipper will find a new spot. It’s an ongoing problem.

Indeed, the only solution is to catch the people responsible and prosecute them. Severe fines are the best preventative method, and yet that relies on being able to find those who are fly tipping in the first place. Councils can’t have eyes everywhere, and don’t have the budget to constantly monitor even well-known fly tipping spots.

This is where a private detective can be a huge help to councils. Rather than an obvious security camera, a good PI can provide covert surveillance. They can help to identify who is carrying out the illegal dumping, even if they’re hiding their appearance or masking their vehicle registration.

And more importantly, an experience PI knows how to present air-tight evidence to secure a conviction, ensuring the offenders see justice. Over time a private investigator can offer amazing financial savings over the costs of dealing with regular fly tipping problems.

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