We’re living in the age of technology. We have limitless information at our fingertips and we’re experiencing convenience the likes of which our great grandparents could only ever have dreamed about as children. We can shop 24/7, order items online and have them delivered to our door the very next day, and can even go on holiday in an aircraft with on-board beds and showers. Aeroplanes aren’t the only things to be filling up our skies, though.

More and more private investigators are turning to modern gadgets to get the job done. There are reports that an increasing number of private investigators are now using drones – small, unmanned flying cameras controlled using radio signals or smartphone connections – to capture evidence from the sky.

Should private investigators embrace modern technology?

A good private investigator uses the best tools and techniques for the job. That might mean flying a drone over a field, or it might mean sitting and watching from a car. Modern gadgets shouldn’t be used for the sake of it – private investigators are not going to earn extra points for having the coolest pieces of tech. The priority is the investigation, not how many robots are involved in it.

That said, when the occasion is right a modern piece of equipment might be the very best thing for the job. As Preston private investigators covering the Lancashire area and beyond, we tailor our tools to meet the specific needs of each investigation that we’ve taken on.

Modern technologies and the law

Laws surrounding some types of modern technology are still a little vague. This is particularly true of drones, which occupy airspace that used to be exclusively used by those with licenses to fly planes and helicopters. Drones can be operated by anyone, but there aren’t yet the required laws to properly govern their use.

By choosing professional and reputable private investigators, you can be sure that your investigation is carried out within the limits of the law, even as those laws change to keep up with the latest technologies. That way, you’ll also be sure that any collected evidence can be used in court.

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