Do you know what’s going on in Soapland?

Even a simple question like that can get someone’s neck hairs to stand on end. Some of us are proud soap fans that love nothing more than to talk about Ian Beale’s latest mishap or what we thought of Hayley Cropper’s death scene, whilst others amongst us will adamantly insist that we’ve never watched Eastenders in our lives. Are we always telling the truth?

If you are a soap fan then you’ll know that life is seldom simple for our on-screen families. A fact that Laura Norton, who plays Kerry Wyatt in Emmerdale, knows all too well. If you’re prone to the occasional Emmerdale viewing session then you might want to look away now…

Emmerdale character Kerry, Laura Norton has announced, is soon to fake a terminal illness in an attempt to win a wedding package. It’s shocking, but people lie about some very big things more often than you might expect. Common lies include:

  •  Lies about long-term and serious illnesses.
  •  Lies about pregnancies.
  •  Lies about sex lives, relationships and affairs.
  •  Lies about drinking and gambling habits.

They say that a liar always gets found out, but the reality is that the damage done before a lie is discovered can often never be repaired. Most people can think of few things worse than discovering that their partner has had an extramarital affair that has lasted for multiple years, or that they’re in £50,000 of debt due to an unrevealed gambling addiction.

Lies don’t have to go on for long before their impact will last forever, which is why a faked pregnancy can destroy families even before a lack of a baby bump begins to raise suspicion.

Lies can cause chaos for individuals and for businesses, which is why it can help to have a private investigator in Bury, or local to you; on your side if you’re not sure that you’re hearing the truth. The sooner you act and the quicker you contact a private investigator, the faster a lie is exposed.

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