How Corporate Surveillance Can Help Your North West Business
How Corporate Surveillance Can Help Your North West Business

As a North West private detective agency, we’ve worked with a number of businesses in the region throughout our 20 years, with some interesting results that have definitely helped owners to either put their mind at ease, or to make decisions about members of staff who were misbehaving.

One of the former was a delivery driver in Chester that had been signed off with a bad back. The owner of the business heard that the person was visiting the pub and enjoying their time off despite being unable to sit or stand for long periods – our surveillance was able to show that they weren’t doing more activity than they should and were acting within acceptable boundaries – so no need for an awkward conversation and argument between manager and boss.

But there’s also the opposite to that story, of another employee of a business signed off work with a bad back, this time in Blackburn. Despite being unable to work, they had been sighted helping a family member’s waste removal business. They denied it, until our surveillance evidence proved them to be lying, at which point they resigned. Our video evidence was also passed to the authorities to report them for fly tipping too.

In Manchester there’s the case study of the time an employee had left a business under the agreement they would not start at a new rival company for six months. We were able to show the previous employer that the individual was not starting work for them early, putting their mind at ease.

Meanwhile in Preston, a delivery company asked us to look into a driver that was signed off sick but suddenly appeared to have more money. We found they were moonlighting for a client, and were able to provide evidence of this to the company.

And while moonlighting employees is a serious issue, it’s arguably not as problematic as major theft, which we were able to investigate for a business in Southport. We were able to capture evidence of a night supervisor and their accomplice taking large amounts of stock from a distribution firm, with sufficient detail that the police were able to catch the offenders in action.

These are just a handful of case studies from our work as a private investigator in the North West, but there are many, many more examples that we could tell you about.

More importantly, if you’re a business owner in the North West that is concerned about moonlighting employees, debtors, theft of stock or anything else that you think we might be able to help you with, then just give us a call. We can work with you on an appropriate budget, and explain everything that we realistically will be able to do.

Give us a call on 01772 334700 if you need a North West private investigator, and why not check out some of our other case studies while you’re at it? Just check the areas we cover for stories from each location.