polygraph test

Experienced private investigators are adept at carrying out background checks. Whether it’s looking into the history of a prospective high-value employee to ensure they’re the right fit, or finding out about the history of a partner before committing to marriage, there’s a wealth of evidence available to the trained eyes of a PI that help give a full picture of someone’s history.

But not every situation or circumstance leaves behind evidence. Did your partner really stay faithful at the start of your relationship? Did that employee steal that equipment from your business, or was it somewhere else? Without uncovering witnesses from the time of the event, which may well be impossible, it can be difficult to prove these events happened.

Yet while a private investigator might not be able to get the necessary evidence, here at EJM Investigations we can connect you to a reliable, trusted polygraph operator for those situations.

Polygraph machines – more commonly known as lie detectors – are a useful tool when interviewing someone to get to the truth of a matter. They work by measuring a number of indicators like pulse and perspiration to try and identify when someone is being deceptive. So if you want to ask someone whether they did stay faithful, or the employee wants to clear their name, you can find out if they’re being honest.

Polygraphs can only be relied on when they’re used by someone experienced, so if you decide to find your own operator make sure you research them to check they’re suitable. And of course, asking someone to take a polygraph test is a major request, so consider your options and ensure it’s appropriate.

If you’re sure that a polygraph test is the way to go, and you’d like us to ‘hook you up’ with our trusted partners, give us a call on 01772 334700.

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