If you’ve been in a car accident and the other driver has left without stopping, or if you’re a pedestrian that was involved in a hit and run, you want justice for what you’ve been through.

It might be that you want someone brought to account for the harm that they caused to you, and it may be that you need the guilty party’s car insurance details in order to make repairs to your own vehicle.

How can a private investigator help?

After an accident, the last thing you want is to be worrying about whether the other person is going to come forward or not. You’re also not likely to have the professional experience that’s needed to track that person down, nor the time and ability to carry out your own investigation. The police can help, but with little to go on and so many other cases they might not be as thorough as you’d like.

Private investigators can be hired to do a more detailed investigation, using your description of the vehicle and any photo or video evidence, perhaps accompanied by local CCTV if it’s likely that the accident was recorded. When you hire a private investigator you’ll benefit from their experience, their connections and their knowledge, which together make the perfect package for tracing a hit and run driver.

What should you do after a hit and run accident?

At the earliest possible opportunity, note down your experience and anything that you can remember. Even the very smallest of details can help, such as a number or letter on a car registration plate, though the colour, make and model of the vehicle are probably easier for you to remember.

Once you’ve taken your notes, call Preston private investigators at EJM Investigations on 01772 334 700 to talk through what happens next.