Access to online dating services can enhance the chance of your partner cheating

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a private investigator, hired for matrimonial surveillance, would need to park outside someone’s house and wait for their second partner to show.

Years ago, an in-person rendezvous was the only way to cheat.

Today, various studies suggest that 10-20% of women cheat and that 20-30% of men do. However, the researchers behind these studies have also raised another question: “What exactly do people class as cheating?”.

The online world has blurred the lines a little. Now, we can cheat without ever actually meeting the other person. If you engage in online cheating, is this real cheating? Perhaps the easiest way to know is to ask yourself what your husband or wife would think.

Is cheating always a physical act?

Can you cheat with someone that you’re not seeing in person?

The impact of an online affair – perhaps involving typed conversation, and perhaps with video contact – can be just as bad as with physical contact.

Then, of course, there is the possibility of an online affair evolving into an in-person meeting.

Perhaps the most difficult thing of all, as a concerned partner, is that the relationship could be evolving right under your nose.

Your partner could be sitting on the other side of the room, having a conversation with their second partner.

In times when we use our computers and phones for everything, seeing your husband or wife with their eyes locked on the screen would not be enough to raise suspicion.

That’s why an increasing number of private investigators are moving online for matrimonial surveillance.

Whilst the traditional methods still work, and many people are involved in physical affairs, there are also many opportunities for cheaters to be using their smartphones.

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