workplace affair
workplace affair

Workplace affairs are surprisingly (and unfortunately) common. That’s because:

  • A lot of people spend most of their typical week at work
  • Their colleagues automatically have some level of understanding of what the person is going through, since they share many work experiences

If you spend a lot of time with someone, and you have a lot of shared experiences, it’s not unusual for you to feel an attraction to them. Of course, if you’re already in a relationship, you shouldn’t be acting on that.

And yet, at Christmas, many do. Work Christmas parties are renowned for it, because it’s one of the few times of the year that people can let their hair down around colleagues, and if they have a drink then their judgment can be impaired.

All of this is very unfair on the partner left at home, so if that’s you, what warning signs should you be looking for, and what can you do?

Spotting signs of your partner cheating at a work party

It can be hard to know whether your partner is cheating at their party until they’ve already done it. Obviously, it’s very unlikely that they’ll cheat if it’s a party where partners are invited too!

So instead, here’s a list of some of the red flags to look out for after the event:

  • Your partner changing their plans last minute for their work’s Christmas party, especially if they already had an easy way of getting home
  • Their behaviour changing around you – either showing less affection, or a lot more to try and compensate for their guilty feelings
  • Acting strange around other colleagues, if they are concerned that they could spill their secret
  • Spending more late nights at work for meetings after their party
  • Being more protective of their phone, making sure to answer messages immediately.

Not all affairs start at work parties either – sometimes they may have begun earlier, even if they are just emotional affairs by that point, and only become physical at the party in question.

If you have already had concerns, and then any of the above signs raise their head, you might be onto something.

And you might not too – sometimes we see things that aren’t really there.

How can a private investigator help?

If you have serious concerns about your partner cheating on you at their work’s Christmas party, you will likely be stressed and anxious until you know the truth.

A private investigator can help you get that truth in a discreet way, meaning if you are worried over nothing, you don’t have to spoil your relationship around the Christmas season.

While we can often shadow people, we can’t attend most work parties, even if you have your suspicions beforehand. We aren’t secret agents, and we can’t get an invite into a closed event!

But we can use a wealth of other resources and tactics after the event, including surveillance if necessary, to see if your partner is meeting up with a colleague, or if they’re being honest about their activities in general.

While we started this post with a negative point – that workplace affairs are common – they aren’t inevitable, and the majority of people are faithful. You probably have nothing to be concerned about.

Yet, if you do need that peace of mind, give us a call on 01772 334700.