Many people carry out activities that are against terms and conditions, or against the law, believing that they won’t be traced.
Some people download songs without paying for them, and others are the ones that are uploading them.

Another activity that can be added to this category is ‘modding’ – hacking into/modifying a game’s code in order to make changes to how it’s played.

Some game mods are created with the support of game producers and publishers, and some at the very least have a blind eye turned to them. One of the most ‘modded’ games is The Sims, with fans creating codes that change a wide range of things from making a Sim’s eyes look more realistic to allowing Sims to accidentally fall pregnant. Those involved in the production of the Sims series have actively encouraged the use of game mods.

Take-Two Interactive, publishers of Grand Theft Auto V, are possibly not as comfortable with the concept of ‘mods’.

Why are game publishers using private investigators?

Reports state that private investigators were recently hired by Take-Two Interactive to turn up at the doors of people that are creating game mods. The private investigators were able to trace the mod producers, find out their addresses and turn up at the door to provide a personal ‘cease and desist’ discussion – arguably far more effective than a letter in the mail!

The game publishers are protecting their interests, since the game modifications would encourage piracy by bypassing the security that forces players to have a physical copy of the game, and by providing players with enough in-game money that they don’t need to use their real money to purchase in-game online extras.

Many people believe that a private investigator works simply by being secretive, hiding in the shadows and gathering evidence without being seen, but a PI can also be hired to carry out research and to investigate in order to make an in-person appearance.

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