sweeping for bugs

While it might sound a bit ‘James Bond’, and therefore quite ridiculous, these days the use of bugs – the electronic recording devices – is on the increase. Whether at home, in the office, in the car or indeed anywhere, it’s not so unrealistic to have someone place a bug to try and record you.

It may be that they want information about your private life to extort you, or it could be a shady competitor to your business. It may even be a partner who thinks you are cheating, and has hired another private eye to keep tabs on you.

And with the advances in modern technology, it is easier than ever for someone to record you without you knowing. They can be absolutely tiny in size, making it almost impossible to spot them physically, and the latest batteries can power these bugs for weeks so they needn’t be constantly removed or updated.

So what do you do if you think you’re being bugged? Get in touch with EJM Investigations of course, but always from a safe location. If you are being recorded, you don’t want to show your hand and let the person bugging you know that you’re on to them – it may be useful to have the advantage of being able to record your own evidence later.

Instead, call or email from a public phone or computer, and we’ll get in touch securely. Then, we’ll organise a visit from our professional engineer. Other investigation firms may use their PIs to sweep for bugs, but our specialist engineer is much more qualified and can use the latest sweeping tools, along with his expert knowledge in physical searches, to ensure any bugs are caught. We’ll then work with you to plan the best next steps to take. If you’re concerned that you may be bugged, give us a call on 01772 334700 or email us – but always make sure you’re safe first!

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