Using a P.I. to identify alcohol license breach

As we enter the summer months, it’s a time of garden parties, late nights out and, for many, holidays around the UK with lazy days in the pub under the sun. And alcohol, for better or worse, plays a large part in all of these – people like to let their hair down during the warmer months. With that there comes an increase in premises – some less reputable bars, pubs and shops – selling alcohol either when unlicensed, out of hours or to underage drinkers.

Councils often struggle to keep up with the number of premises they manage and having the resources to carry out checks on somewhere they suspect may be acting illegal is sometimes not an option. Even if they can arrange their own workers to check on a premises, licensees can often spot a council worker easily, and can avoid being caught.

So why not consider using a private investigator to help your council in identifying where premises are breaking licensing laws? At EJM Investigations we are experts in surveillance and can easily help identify where a premises is either selling alcohol without a license, serving under 18s or staying open later than they are supposed to. Private Investigators are complete professionals when it comes to discretion too – a shop or bar will never know when a PI is visiting as a ‘mystery shopper’. Once the evidence is compiled, we’ll then provide a detailed report in the proper formats to enable councils to take the appropriate action.

License breaches are not a victimless crime, and indeed can lead to serious incidents where intoxicated youths or large drunken crowds abuse further issues around your town. Nip it in the bud quickly by speaking to our team at EJM Investigations and seeing how we can help your council. Call today on 01772 334700.

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