There are times when we’re deceived by TV shows. Or, at least, the people on them. Sometimes the TV producers are aware about what’s happening and other times they’re not. In cases where deceit is a concern, Ofcom can launch an investigation.

Alternatively, the general public will do their own research to discover the truth.

Here are a few times when investigations found that there was more to a TV show than first met the eye:

Blind Date

Late TV and music legend Cilla Black once famously outed an undercover journalist on her popular TV show, Blind Date. The 27-year-old journalist posed as a single woman looking to find her true love, and Black was seen to be genuinely disappointed by her actions.

Britain’s Got Talent

Far more recently, TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent was found to have misled viewers by using a stunt-double dog. Performing Matisse won the series as a dog that could do some very impressive tricks, but the most impressive of all was a tightrope act which was actually performed by a second dog, Chase, without the audience being informed.

Great British Bake Off

The current (2015) series of Great British Bake Off saw Marie amongst its contestants. Though the show claims to be for amateur bakers, it emerged that Marie had professional training in Paris and had run her own cupcake business. Many viewers were disappointed that the favourite to win was not as amateur as her competitors, though Marie did leave the competition in the second week.

A Background Check Makes Sure You Won’t Get Caught Out

In your own life, a thorough background check can help you to be caught out by a lie or by misinformation. Unlike GBBO viewers, you won’t find out too late about someone’s past, and unlike Blind Date producers you’ll know ahead of time if someone isn’t who they say they are. Masquerading dogs? Well, we might be able to help with that as well.

For a background check by a Preston private investigator, you can contact EJM Investigations on 01772 334 700.