Recently, you might have heard of Ashley Madison. It’s a dating website designed to connect people that want to cheat on their partners. Why will you have heard the name, unless you’ve been looking into signing up for yourself? Because last month a huge amount of member data was leaked by hackers – details about many of the 37 million people that have signed up, from their names to their secret fantasies.

When private investigators work online.

Private investigators nowadays don’t spend all of their time in a car, sitting outside someone’s house, or sweeping a murder scene for clues. That image is a romanticised one, when real investigators are sitting at their desks scouring through line after line of data. In situations such as the Ashley Madison data leak, these PIs really come into their own.

Private investigators are frequently hired to find information wherever they can, from people that are worried that their privacy has been compromised and from suspicious and worried partners that want to know the truth. If you hire a Preston private investigator from EJM Investigations, you might find that their time is best spent sitting at a computer screen searching through thousands and thousands of records.

Can everything be done online?

Don’t think that your chosen private investigator will just be working from the office. If the job requires it, private investigators go out ‘into the field’ to track and follow, providing surveillance services, and to interview and question people. Of course, private investigators will also meet with their clients.

An online world is one that brings a whole new set of challenges and possibilities for a professional private investigator – it opens doors, but can also mean that they have much more information to delve through.

If you need a private investigator to find information online, or to do things the ‘old fashioned’ way, you can call EJM Investigations on 01772 334 700.