‘Across the Pond’ in the US, September 21st is a date to remember for the new series of crime comedy series ‘Castle’, which stars Nathan Fillion. Castle is now in its 8th series and has followed the escapades of crime author turned NYPD sidekick. If you’re avoiding spoilers, look away now.

Still with us? Excellent.

Information has been leaked about where Castle Season 8 will take Richard Castle, and the indication is that he’s becoming a full-time private investigator. But how easy is it, really, to become a private detective? Can anyone take the label ‘PI’ and forge a new career, and how can you be sure that you’re dealing with the real thing if anyone can give it a try?

Everyone has to start somewhere…

The situation is the same in any career: you have to start somewhere. Nobody is going to be the most experienced private investigator on their first job, but as a client you want experience and professionalism. You need to know that the PI that you’ve hired is going to get the evidence.

Currently private investigators are relatively unregulated, which means that it’s possible for anyone to set up a PI business and for any of their clients to be caught out. Private investigators will soon need to be licensed, but currently this isn’t the law. For that reason it’s vital that you’re cautious. If a price seems to be good to be true, assume that it probably is. If your chosen private investigator asks for cash in hand payment, alarm bells should be ringing. Check that your private investigator is Data Protection registered, as all at EJM Investigations are, and make sure that you’re given a receipt and can pay for services through a business bank account.

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