It’s said that people today share too much.

Whether you keep yourself to yourself, or post daily updates on Facebook, there is one thing that is always important. What you share should be your decision.

You should be able to use discretion. You should be able to determine how many details you share, and who you share them with. Even if you post hourly updates on your favourite social networks, there will be some things that you keep to yourself.

You don’t want absolutely everything to be public knowledge. But, you never know who’s accessing and sharing your private information.

David Beckham blackmail

Whilst you might lead a relatively peaceful life, there are many big celebrities under a lot more scrutiny. David Beckham is one.

Beckham’s private emails have been accessed. An individual with details about his private life attempted to blackmail his publicist.

The police investigation has been slow. Now, Beckham is considering hiring a private investigator to find out who attempted to blackmail him. The ex-footballer is concerned that other details from his private emails could still be leaked to the public.

Does someone have access to your emails?

You don’t need to be David Beckham to be at risk of blackmail. Anything that you’ve said or written might possibly be used against you. It could be something you’ve said that would simply embarrass you, or could destroy your career or social standing.

Often, the first sign of blackmail is when a relatively small but potentially damaging piece of information is made public. Once they’ve demonstrated what they’re capable of, the blackmailer may make demands for money or for something else of value.

Someone may even publish details about your private life, with no known goal or motivation.

If someone has information that they shouldn’t have access to, then they will need to be stopped before it’s published.

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