A PI can help to find a missing person

Losing someone that you love is the worst thing that you could ever go through.

When that person is missing, you face an additional emotional challenge. You cannot grieve without answers. The person that you love could still be alive, or they might not. All scenarios race through your mind. You need to know where they are.

Christmas and New Year bring about more mysteries than most other times of the year. People spend more time out alone, buying gifts and celebrating. Alcohol is often involved, which can lead to people wandering off or losing their way.

If your loved one is missing, hiring a private investigator will put a dedicated professional on your team. Someone that knows how to trace missing people, and will use their time trying to find the one that matters most to you.

What can a private investigator do?

A private investigator can be hired to look for a missing person.

They will look for evidence. They’ll interview people. They’ll find answers.


You may have heard of the Find Corrie campaign.

Corrie McKeague went missing after a night out in September.

Now, his family have hired private investigators to help them in their search.

McKeague’s family have said that the police investigation has been frustrating. Police cannot dedicate their time to any one case, which means that Corrie will not be the only missing person that they’re searching for.

Private investigators can be dedicated to finding Corrie. The hired PI is specifically helping to sift through more than 100,000 posts on Facebook, claiming to have details that could be useful. This can separate the valuable claims from the useless ones.

Could a private investigator help you?

If someone that you love is missing, then you’ll do all within your power to bring them home.

Why not speak to our Preston private investigators on 01772 334 700, to see how we can help?

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