It’s December already and everyone is looking forward to Christmas and similar celebrations. But December is also a time for looking back over the past year.What will the Private investigation profession have been getting up to since this time last year?

It’s likely that the average private detective will have dealt with a variety of tasks. Tracing lost relatives and friends with whom people have lost touch is one example.Tracking down people who owe clients money is a variation on that theme.

Some will have been involved in surveillance work for all sorts of reasons. This may relate to fraudulent activities on the part of employees such as claiming sick leave whilst working for competitors. It may also involve employees who have made exaggerated claims for injuries suffered in accidents at work. You know the sort of thing: Mr X has suffered injuries leaving him permanently disabled which mean he’ll never be able to work again. Then, lo and behold, the private enquiry agent watches him playing a spirited game of Rugby!

Perhaps your agency has organised some de-bugging work on behalf of a client: Not something you will have undertaken yourselves, but your contacts may have enabled you to put your client in touch with an appropriate de-bugging expert.

Most private detective agencies are likely to have carried out background checks on prospective employees. A CV really proves nothing without at least some verification.Prospective clients and suppliers too cannot be taken on trust unless; of course, you already know them well.

Private investigators will have spent time waiting as well. Okay, the job involves a lot of waiting around anyway but this is different. In recent weeks they will have been waiting for the announced changes in UK divorce law but there is something that has been awaited for much longer. Way back when our current Prime Minister, current at the time of writing that is, was Home Secretary she promised to introduce legislation to regulate the private investigation industry. Another year has now passed with no sign of that promise being honoured. Of course, the lady has been a bit busy lately with other matters and that’s something that doesn’t show any sign of changing any time soon!

The work of the private detective calls for the exercise of plenty of patience.Maybe that’s just as well! Let’s just wish all our readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. 

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