As we enter the festive season, no doubt our minds all turn to family and that quality time we can share together. Yet not everyone is as lucky to have their family available, and in some instances people have grown apart or, in extreme circumstances, family members may have gone missing altogether.

It’s natural that, during the Christmas period, people see close-knit families coming together and then wish to redouble efforts to strengthen their own bonds. Whether it’s a relative you’ve just lost touch with, or a more panicked situation of someone who has gone missing unexpectedly, a private investigator can help.

We’re sensitive to the issues of family and, whether it’s an urgent search for a lost person or just reconnecting, we have a wealth of tools and skills that can help. Whether it’s in person or digitally, we can search for traces of people and use our interviewing skills to help track down someone based on their movements or history.

Particularly in the case where someone doesn’t want to be found, searching for them yourself unaided can be particularly fruitless. Yet our experience and toolset enable us to dig deeper, with a much higher success rate. We’re always discreet – that way, if you do reconnect but only find someone who still wishes to leave the relationship as it is, they won’t know you’ve hired us so that relationship isn’t damaged further.

Christmas is a time best spent in the company of our loved ones, and it is always worth trying to make that connection again. It may be the best Christmas present you ever receive.

If you’ve lost touch with a family member, or you’ve a missing person in the family you’re desperately trying to track down, get in touch with EJM Investigations on 01772 334700.

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