It’s been a long and drawn-out storyline, but Eastenders fans everywhere have now found out who killed Lucy Beale. Without revealing any spoilers for those that might not be up to speed (and have somehow avoided social media), we thought that now would be a great time to discuss the real ‘whodunnit?’ process.

How do we find our information?

Private investigators in Preston and elsewhere are required to gather evidence. Accusations alone aren’t useful to anyone, which is why a private investigator’s job is to gather information ranging from documents to photographs, to create ‘proof’ that can stand up in court. Private investigators can also help with domestic issues, such as tracking a cheating partner, and can track vehicles when required.

The private investigator’s toolbox is one that is full of advanced techniques. The equipment is important, but a private detective’s skills are just as vital (if not more so), with a need for subtlety, a need to keep things confidential and a need for efficiency.

New or old?

The best private detectives use a combination of new technology and ‘old fashioned’ detective work for surveillance and evidence gathering.

Most private investigators are not working on murder cases akin to ‘Who killed Lucy Beale?’, but as Preston investigators we place just as much importance on whatever we’re working on, from tracking down employees that are faking illness to tracing missing people in order to reunite families.

The last piece of the puzzle

The ‘whodunnit?’ aspect is the final piece of the puzzle. All of the other pieces – what happened, where it happened, why it happened and how it happened – are often of equal importance. Many of our clients already know the ‘who’, but need to know the ‘how’ and ‘why’ before they can take action.

Where can my employee be found moonlighting?”

Why is my wife always staying late at work?”

When are business vehicles being used, and how far are they being taken?”

If you need the answer to a question then a Preston private investigator is waiting to take your call on 01772 334700.

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