Who Can Hire a Private Investigator?

For a variety of reasons, there are many celebrities and high profile individuals that have hired a private investigator.

It’s alleged that Elon Musk has hired an investigator to get details about other people, and that a private investigator played an important part in the break up of Brad and Angelina having found evidence of Brad Pitt’s infidelity.

Private investigators might also be hired by the police or the council. For those with a lot of money, hiring a private investigator is an efficient way to find information when it’s needed.

Hiring a private investigator might seem like an option that’s only for the rich and the famous. But, our private investigation services are available to people from all walks of life.

– Why might the average person need a private investigator?

Perhaps you’re going through a rocky divorce. Maybe you’re worried that your ex-partner is lying about their living situation?

Maybe you’re a business owner, with an employee that’s suspected of moonlighting for the competition?

Maybe you’re concerned that your partner is cheating, or you’re trying to find a missing relative?

Perhaps you’ve just started dating, and you’re worried that your new partner might not be who they say they are?

There are so many reasons why people just like you might need to hire a private investigator.

– Can you hire a private investigator?

EJM Investigations offers its services to a wide range of people. Based in Preston, we offer reasonable quotes for professional investigation services.

You don’t need to be sitting on an enormous bank balance to get the answers you deserve, or the evidence you need. Our services are suitable for individuals and private clients, as well as businesses and corporations.

If you need information and can’t get in on your own, EJM Investigations could help. Call our Preston private investigators on 01772 334 700, for investigations throughout the North West.

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