How a Private Investigator can help with criminal defence

If you are being taken to court, your criminal defence lawyer has the job of representing you.

It is their job to assess the evidence. They need to find the best possible outcome, whether you are innocent or guilty.

A private investigator does not work on your case. Instead, they’re dedicated to finding the evidence that will support you during your trial.

There can be many people working against you. The private investigator acts as an extra resource on your team,

Can private investigators tailor their service?

Sometimes, a private investigator finds evidence to defend someone completely in court.

At other times, the defendant might be pleading guilty to some things and innocent to others. In those cases, private investigators might be required to find evidence for this specific circumstance.

Private investigators must understand what type of evidence will be admissible in court. The best private investigators have this knowledge, so that they don’t waste time collecting evidence that might be turned down by the courts.

Why is a private investigator important for criminal defence?

As well as being an extra resource to work on your side, the private investigator is in a unique situation. They’re dedicated to your case.

Your criminal defence lawyer may be spreading their time between multiple clients. They might have different details coming in from every angle at once. On the other hand, a private investigator can have calendar space just for you. They can deal with one task at a time.

Proving your innocence can sound impossible, when the odds are stacked against you. Often, the defendant feels like they’re already found guilty at the start.

EJM Investigations are private investigators in Preston. You can contact 01772 334 700 to speak to someone that will listen to your side of the story, whilst finding the evidence to support it.

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