A council tax adjustment bill

It’s the end of the financial year, and also the time when new council tax bills are sent out by local authorities. But for many councils, they’ll still be owed thousands of pounds from last year that should be getting spent on public services.

There are a number of legal options available to councils, including taking non-paying residents to court or getting bailiffs involved to reclaim property against the debt. But what do you do when the residents have disappeared with no warning?

If someone is actively hiding from debt they can be hard for a council to trace, but a private investigator can help. They’re able to use a wide variety of tools and techniques to locate someone who owes old council tax debt, so that a council can get its owed money. They’ll get contact details including an up-to-date address, opening up the legal options to councils to get their money.

There are other ways a private investigator can help councils with tax too. Take, for example, the sole occupancy discount. If someone is living alone they’re entitled to a large discount off their council tax bill, but what if you suspect them of being fraudulent and actually living with others?

This is where a private investigator can step in. They’ll gather sufficient evidence to prove multiple occupants are living in the house, so that the council can easily take them to court and recover the money in a cost-effective way.

Use of a qualified private investigator doesn’t have to break the bank. At EJM Investigations we’ll always work with councils to agree a reasonable budget, so that it’s worth pursuing the debt you’re owed.

If you want to know more about the services we can offer councils, call us on 01772 334700.

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