reasons to consider vehicle tracking
reasons to consider vehicle tracking

Not every service offered by a private investigator involves being out and about to carry out surveillance work, or physically searching to find someone. Sometimes it is all managed through the use of technology. Any good private investigator will be clued up on the best tech offered so that you can have a wider range of service options to suit your requirements.

Once of the ways we use technology is to track vehicles. We use GPS devices that we can discreetly place on any car, truck, van or other road vehicle in a way that ensures the driver would never know it was there. You can then use this information to find out where the car has been, which can be useful to our clients for a number of reasons.

Here, we’ve identified three of the most popular reasons for someone wishing to use vehicle tracking.

Privately tracking your spouse

Nobody wants to spy on their partner but the sad reality is that, sometimes, people can cheat. And you may have difficulty proving it if you suspect your partner has strayed. Some cheaters will slip up due to their use of their phone or laptop, but others will limit communication via text or email to prevent being caught.

In those scenarios, you just need to know where your partner is actually going when they say they’re working late or meeting friends. By asking us to place a tracker on their car, you can find out if they’re telling the truth or if they’re actually visiting someone at their home or a hotel, assuming you would never know.

Monitoring your employees

When you entrust information to your employees, you need to make sure they aren’t mishandling it. So many businesses rely on their key stats, their contracts and more and need to ensure that fierce competitors don’t get an advantage by finding out more than you’d want them to.

That’s why leaks can be dangerous – if a competitor finds out your rates they may be able to undercut you and take your best and biggest clients, potentially threatening the survival of your entire company. So if you have any concerns that an employee may be visiting one of your competitors in secret, have them tracked to provide evidence as you could potentially take them to court for breach of contract.

Monitoring your assets

Sometimes it’s not your company information that you want to monitor but simply your company assets – namely, the car itself.

If you have given your employees company cars to use when travelling to and from meetings, you may wish to track them to make sure the cars are being used appropriately. You may need to add this into any company car contracts you have with your team but you can enjoy peace of mind knowing exactly where your cars are being driven and when.

These are just some of the reasons you may wish to use our vehicle tracking services but plenty of others exist, and we can usually help with your needs. Whether you need live tracking or the cheaper logger option with data only known once the tracker is retrieved, we can tailor the solution to your requirements and budget.

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