Finding a missing person - The one that got away!

One of the most popular services that a private investigator can offer is that of tracing missing persons. In many situations, this is where someone has either run away and does not wish to be contacted, or they have simply gone missing and a distraught family wishes to find them urgently.

Yet there is another reason that someone may wish to trace a ‘missing’ person, and one that is decidedly more positive in nature – the ambition to find the lost friend or loved one from many years ago.

It may be a platonic friend that you simply lost touch with over time, as so often happens naturally. Or perhaps it’s an ex-partner who you want to reconnect with. Sometimes it’s even the one that got away – the friend that you felt so much more for, but never had the confidence to tell them until you drifted apart.

Many people find reasons to want to find a friend or loved one from the past – whether it’s a sense of nostalgia, or you finally just have the confidence to open up about true feelings. But finding someone after a number of years have passed can be tricky, especially if you’re the generation that doesn’t automatically have a number of profiles on social media (although this is rapidly changing in the modern world where everyone, and we mean everyone, is on Facebook).

Yes, regardless of whether someone does have an online presence or not, finding them is often a challenge beyond normal means. That’s where a good PI can come in. At EJM Investigations we can use our honed skills in finding people, both offline and on the internet, to help you reconnect with that important person from your past. Why not take that step? You may regret it for the rest of your days if you don’t.

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