Company background check

How much do you know about the companies that your business is associating with?

Can you trust your clients to pay on time? Are you being offered the chance to partner up with another company, and can you be sure that they’re not going to throw your money down the drain? When you make a business decision, it’s vital that it’s made with as much information as possible. You wouldn’t buy a new house if you’d only seen the exterior, so why put your faith in another company before you’ve researched who you’re dealing with?

The Rules and Regulations

There are strict rules and regulations about background checks and what people need to disclose. These rules have recently been added to, after the Supreme Court ruled earlier this month that UK job applicants no longer need to disclose ‘minor crimes’ when they’re applying for employment.

When you’re running a background check on a business, or the director of a company, things can get even more complicated – which is why you should hire a Private investigator in Manchester such as us.

Why are Background Checks Important?

Imagine that Joe Bloggs, Director of Joe Bloggs Limited, wishes to agree a business deal. On paper everything seems fine – he’s in his second year of trading and is predicting an annual turnover of £45k.

What you don’t know about Joe Bloggs, based on the limited information that he’s provided, is that Joe Bloggs Limited is his 6th company in a decade. All of the others have been forced to close due to his bad business decisions and mounting liabilities. Does his deal sound as appealing once you have that information?

How to Carry Out a Background Check

If you’re going to do background checks then it’s worth doing them properly. It’s vital that you don’t miss any information, because any one piece of the puzzle could be the vital piece that changes the bigger picture. A professional private investigator with experience in due diligence and background checks is the best person for the job and should be able to gather the relevant information and to deliver it to you in an easy-to-read report.

Ideally Joe Bloggs will be a businessman with refreshing ideas, a unique proposal and a business concept that is going to make him rich. Sadly, he’s unlikely to tell you himself if that isn’t the case. By calling 01772 334700, you can get the whole story before you make any business decision.

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