Accurate and precise vehicle tracking using GPS data

When people think of a private detective, there are some that understand the true nature of what we do, while some others naively think it’s all a bit exciting, with cool gadgets and super-sleuthing. While the truth is that most of the work involved is just hard graft and chasing down leads, there is some technology that we employ that may be considered interesting. The most common is the vehicle tracker.

These GPS devices are discreetly hidden somewhere on a car, and record where the vehicle travels to. As you can imagine, they’re ideal for a number of different situations – checking on whether a partner is cheating on you, ensuring a trial suspect doesn’t leave an established boundary, or whether an employee is attending required meetings, or even if a vehicle renter is following the terms of their lease.

There are two types of GPS tracker that we use. GPS logging devices are the simpler of the two, acting purely as a recorder. They’ll log all the movements of the car, but in order to retrieve the information we need to get the tracker back, and then sift through the data.

The second type acts as a GPS transmitter, sending live data to a computer so that we know where the car is as soon as it travels. As you can imagine, using these trackers is a lot more expensive, so it isn’t suitable for every client. It depends on your budget and needs. If you have to know where someone is instantly, then we can look to use the GPS transmitter for as little time as possible, otherwise if you just want to build evidence then the logger can prove to be more cost effective.

If you need a vehicle tracked for any reason, give us a call on 01772 334700 to discuss your options.

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