Being a part of a family means that you make certain compromises. Where you draw your lines will depend on your specific family dynamic.

Would you give up your privacy? Would you hire a private investigator to follow a member of your family? What would make you hire a PI for surveillance?

How do you keep track of your children?

As a parent, you care about the safety of your son or daughter. You also want to ensure that they’re not causing trouble, or that they’re obeying the rules that you’ve set.

When they get home late, where are they? Are they really visiting the friend that they say they’re with?

Some parents can honestly say that they would never want to track their child, check their child’s Facebook or Twitter account, or look through their private diary. Other parents admit that, if they could, they’d watch their teenager’s every move.

Wearable tracking devices are now available to help parents to keep an eye on their children. Would you buy one? Would you go even further?

What about keeping track of your partner?

Interestingly, people often feel more at ease with the idea of tracking their partner than they do with tracking a child. Matrimonial surveillance is also a service that’s offered by many private investigators, including EJM Investigations – private detectives serving Manchester and surrounding areas.

If you thought that your partner was meeting someone else when they said they were working late, would you want to find out the truth? If your husband or wife was pretending to go to work when they’d actually lost their job, what lengths would you go to for genuine information?
Studies show that 60% of men cheat, and that 45% of women do. Are you willing to bet that your partner’s not included in that number, or do you have some doubt?

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