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If you’re a solicitor based in Manchester, looking for some help with process serving, then you’ll know it can be tough. Finding someone reliable amongst a major city isn’t always straight forward, especially when you need someone who understands the intricacies of process serving in Manchester and all the regulations that must be followed.

Manchester’s a thriving city that is lively but often busy. For a solicitor to carry out their own local enquiries or deliver legal documents by hand themselves is not reasonable – solicitors’ time is already exceptionally short, and having to take time to get around a city like Manchester eats into vital hours needed on other issues.

This is exactly where hiring a specialist can help. And while there are dedicated process servers who offer legal document delivery exclusively, it’s worth considering a private investigator instead.

Both a private investigator and a full-time process server are going to understand all the rules around process serving, which is a key skill if you want your court papers to be delivered in a way that’s deemed legal. Otherwise, your entire court case could fall apart.

However, there are a couple of reasons why you might prefer a private investigator for your process serving tasks.

Firstly, they’re experts in the local area. This isn’t just about finding an address – anyone with Google can do that these days – but if someone is evasive and not at their registered home address, or they’re refusing to answer the door and you can’t be sure they are living there, then a private investigator is more likely to be able to find alternative locations to serve them.

That might be knowing the most likely public transport routes, or which shops are close by that they might be visiting regularly. A PI can use this information to plan the fastest way to serve someone who is trying to avoid being caught at home.

EJM Investigations, being based in the north-west of England, regularly carry out process serving in Manchester and know the city well.

And then, if the respondent is in complete hiding and has moved or abandoned their registered address, your second reason for choosing a private eye is that they can quickly and efficiently track them down, based on their years of experience in finding people.

There are always alternative options if you are unable to serve someone in person, but if you can do so then it does speed things up and make it much easier to push a case through court. So, hiring a private investigator to find someone to serve documents to in Manchester, if they’re trying to avoid being served, could be a useful solution to cut down on wasted time.

From our base right in the heart of the north-west, we can easily handle any process serving jobs you need carried out in Manchester, always in the most efficient way possible and following the letter of the law. If you need help getting legal documents served in Manchester city centre or in Greater Manchester, give EJM Investigations a call on 01772 334700.

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