Process Serving is just one of many services a solicitor can enlist private detectives for

There are certain legal cases and situations where any documentation must be delivered in person. You wouldn’t want to risk vital papers getting lost in the post, nor do you want to give the recipient any excuses to pretend they never got the details. It’s important that there’s a record of documentation being delivered to the intended recipient, hence why it’s done in person, which is known as ‘process serving’.

You may have seen it happen in a number of cheesy American TV shows, often with an overdramatic lawyer or agent declaring “You just got served!”. In reality, it’s a lot less theatrical, but that doesn’t mean it always runs smoothly. Indeed, often someone knows that it is more in their interest to avoid being served legal documentation, as it can hold up or even undermine a case if there’s a time limit.

That’s why so many solicitors turn to a private investigator to act as a Process Server. No one else is better equipped to track down someone who might be trying to avoid receiving documents, or someone who might have moved addresses, than a trained private investigator with their range of tools and experience in finding missing people.

Of course not just any private investigator will do. There’s a lot of ‘process’ involved in process serving, as you’d expect from the name, so it’s worth finding an experienced investigator who knows all about the steps involved, including how to complete a proof of service once the documents have been delivered.

Whether you’re embroiled in a case and need a Process Server at short notice, or you’re a solicitor looking to find someone to work with on an ongoing basis, get in touch with EJM Investigations to find out how we can help. You can call us on 01772 334700.

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