Problematic Employees – How Can a Detective Help?
Problematic Employees – How Can a Detective Help?

Most business owners know that, despite your best efforts to recruit only the top candidates, sometimes you’re going to end up with a bad egg. You can be as thorough as you like during the recruitment process, it’s never completely infallible.

That might be someone who just doesn’t have the experience they claimed to have, or they might have an attitude problem that causes you and your team issues. And sometimes these problems can be much worse. So much so that you need some external help to not only catch them in the act but to also provide evidence to help you take the errant employee to court.

At EJM Investigations we offer our services for anyone looking for a private detective in Lancaster or the surrounding regions that needs help with employee problems. If you’re a business owner in Lancaster and you need a private investigator, then perhaps we can be of assistance.

Fraudulent Injury Claims or Sick Leave

When an employee claims they are sick, a business owner can lose a lot of money due to the time and costs involved in finding cover, or the labour that is lost during that time. And if an employee claims that they were injured on the business premises, then the owner’s insurance payments could be hit hard.

So, either of these problems are serious, and become even more serious if you suspect that an employee is faking it. If you have good reason to suspect fraud, then a private detective can carry out surveillance to gather evidence and information. And if it turns out that the employee is lying, you’ll get everything you need to not only dismiss their case but to dismiss them from your business legally as well.


Many businesses have rules around moonlighting, either due to the time and effort needed for their own work or, often more crucially, to prevent employees taking advantage of their position and working for themselves outside of regular hours using knowledge and contacts gained from the business.

A PI can identify where employees may be moonlighting and inform the employer of all the details, so that you can take the appropriate action to not only end the moonlighting but to make a claim for any lost earnings if that applies.


Theft from a business is a serious crime and can be very impactful, especially if it’s a smaller business with lower cash flow. Finding a thief isn’t always easy when they work for the business, since employees often know where the security cameras are, and what times bosses work and can be avoided.

A private detective offers a number of options to catch a thief beyond the simple use of electronic surveillance, and they are often able to quickly identify exactly who is stealing and how they are doing it, so that criminal charges can be brought against them. If you’re looking for a private detective in Lancaster or the north west to help you with your business, or for a personal matter, then give our team a call on 01772 334700.