Whether you’re an individual who has concerns about their partner’s behaviour, or you’re a Warrington-based business that needs help tracking down some debtors, or you’re a representative of Warrington Borough Council and you need some expert resources to look into benefit fraud or fly tipping issues, a private detective in Warrington can help.

EJM Investigations is based within a short drive of Warrington, and offers a number of services that can be useful to all kinds of clients throughout the Cheshire area.

What can a private detective do for you?

There are so many different things that a private detective can help you with, depending on your circumstances.                            

Private clients often want help tracing a missing person, or carrying our pre-nuptial checks, while corporate clients may be looking for help with fraudulent injury claims or to carry out background checks on a person or potential business partner.

A lot of the work we do at EJM Investigations is in process serving – some of the best results for serving legal documents comes when a solicitor works with a private detective, and we can support any Warrington solicitors with this work.

Councils sometimes have their hands tied from a resource perspective too, and need the help of trained surveillance experts to catch people breaching licences or fly tipping.

How much does a private detective in Warrington cost?

There is no set cost to a private detective’s services, because they offer so many different solutions and resources to a problem. What matters here is being upfront with your PI when you initially discuss your case. Explain what you want, and what budget you have available.

You might think that you’re showing your hand, but it’s better to explain your maximum budget (and a preferred spending limit that’s under that) rather than go in hoping for the best and have an unscrupulous PI log more hours than you can afford, but leaving you liable if you’ve signed a contract.

A good PI, like our team at EJM Investigations, can work to your chosen budget and make recommendations on different strategies and methods to gain the results you need in the most time- and cost-efficient way possible.

Is it legal to hire a private detective in Warrington?

Hiring a private investigator is perfectly legal – there are no laws to say you can’t go private when you’ve got a problem or a concern that a detective can help with.

What matters is the methods used by that private investigator and whether they act in a legal manner. As you can probably guess, when it comes to tracking people down or collating evidence of someone carrying out a specific activity there’s a real minefield of what is and isn’t permitted under the letter of the law.

A reckless or untrustworthy private detective might not understand all of those nuances, or they might just not care – and that’s wrong. Because not only could they get in trouble, but if you’ve signed a contract with them then the courts could argue that you are liable too.

So, it’s important to find a private detective that is reputable, and that will explain to you what they can and cannot do. Otherwise, you might find yourself in a spot of trouble, or you could throw away your money without any results.

Need a high-quality private detective in Warrington? Call EJM Investigations today on 01772 334700.

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