As we move into the warmer end of spring (supposedly), we start to get into the main season for weddings in the UK. Late spring and summer are the most popular times for people to get married, and if you’re someone in that position then we’re sure you have a lot going on while you get organised and pull together months or even years of planning.

And yet, for an unfortunate few, there may be a shadow in your mind – a creeping doubt over whether you’re doing the right thing. Maybe your partner has said something which has cast suspicion on them, or you’re worried that they don’t seem as committed as you do.

A marriage is not something to be taken lightly – the actual cost of a wedding is huge, and then the cost and process to break a marriage is significant too. So, if you do have any worries, it’s best to address them before the big day.

Here’s a look at some of the ways a private investigator can help reassure you, or get to the truth if there is something to cover, as you build up to your wedding.

Pre-nuptial background checks

You may have concerns about your partner’s history, as you’re getting closer to your wedding. Maybe you’ve been reflecting on your journey together and realised you don’t actually know much about their past before you met them, or there could be holes in their story. Maybe they tell you they work away for long periods of time but they’re vague about their work.

Some people may have been married in the past, and not want to disclose it to you. There could even be children that they have left behind. Or, in the most extreme circumstances, they could be leading a double life, and may still be married to someone else.

While all of these cases are quite rare, they aren’t completely unheard of. And so, if you are worried that maybe your partner has some hidden past, we can help. We can look into past records to discover more about the person you’re looking to call your husband or wife, and if there are any threads to follow up on, we can do so discreetly, in a way that won’t lead to your partner finding out.

And then, if everything is hunky-dory and there’s nothing for you to worry about, we can put your mind at ease. But if there is a cause for concern, we can help you gather sufficient evidence that you can confidently confront your partner to find the truth, before you’ve made a commitment that is harder to back out of.

Polygraph tests

Sometimes there may be some situation or potential event that you don’t want to be discreet with – you want your partner to confront it with you, and you just want the truth from them. It may be as a result of something we’ve uncovered, or it could be something they’ve already told you about, but you don’t think you’ve got the fully story.

In those situations, it may be appropriate to use a polygraph – a lie detector.

At EJM Investigations we don’t personally carry out polygraph tests. It’s very specialist and we prefer to focus more on private investigation skills that we are experts in. But we do have contacts, and that’s valuable too. We can help you arrange a polygraph expert to attend a meeting and run the test with your partner, so you can know with certainty what is really going on.

Typically, if your partner agrees to a polygraph, it means they are telling the truth already (or in the same vein, have nothing to hide), or they are misguided to think they can beat the polygraph. While a polygraph is not completely infallible, it is very hard for someone to willingly manipulate the results, so you should know at the end of a session whether your partner is generally honest or generally deceitful.


Unfortunately, the run-up to a wedding is one of the times where potential cheaters can become actual cheaters. They get cold feet about their wedding and worry about the ‘experiences’ they’re going to miss out on by committing to one person, and so want to ‘get it out of their system’.

Which, of course, is still cheating.

If you have concerns that your partner is cheating on you then we can arrange to carry out surveillance of them. We can follow them and make sure that they are honest with you about any work trips, and if they are instead meeting someone else we can legally gather the evidence you need to be able to speak to them about their actions, and not have them duck out of it with lies.

And of course, we carry out everything we do with exceptional discretion. Because we also know that, if your partner is honest and not cheating, they may be hurt by the fact you’ve hired a PI to investigate them, and it could damage the relationship.

So, we make sure we are extremely professional, and your partner need never know they were being investigated. If they are not cheating, then you can just relax and enjoy your wedding to them,

Stag & Hen surveillance

Different couples have different boundaries for stag and hen parties, but sometimes those boundaries can vary between partners too. You may have set rules for your partner’s night out, but still have concerns about whether they will stick to them.

If it helps put your mind at ease, we can attend your partner’s night without them knowing, and carry out surveillance at the venue. They’ll never know we were there, but we can make sure they are behaving in an appropriate manner according to the rules you’ve set. And if not, we’ll let you know.

If any of these services sound useful to you – or you have other ideas for how a private investigator might be able to help you around your wedding season or any other aspect of your private life, then give the EJM Investigations team a call on 01772 334700