Ever since 1994, there has been an International Family Day held on 15th May. It’s a day designed to celebrate families of all shapes and sizes, but also to raise awareness of some of the issues related to families as well.

All families are different – we’re a long way from the very traditional idea of a British family and how that looked. And sadly, some families are splintered. You may be someone who is missing someone in your family, either because you were separated at birth, or you grew apart, or there was a major fall out.

It may be that International Family Day isn’t much of a celebration for you at all.

But maybe that can change.

Tracing People

Private investigators, such as our team at EJM Investigations, carry out a huge range of specialist services. These include surveillance of potentially cheating partners, helping solicitors serve legal papers, and checking on fraudulent injuries for corporate clients.

But one of the most well-publicised services for any PI is tracing people – either those that have gone missing, or those that are just missing from your life.

There are all kinds of reasons why you might want to find someone, and the information you have will depend on your situation. If it’s someone you fell out with a decade ago, then you’ll likely have their last known address and their old contact details, along with their name.

In these situations, it is often – but not always – a lot more straight forward to trace where they have moved to, and to help you reconnect.

However, some cases are more challenging. If, for example, you were separated from your birth mother due to adoption, or you gave up a child for adoption yourself. Or perhaps you were split from a sibling at a very young age.

You may not have their name – either their birth name or their adopted name. You may not have any clue about where they have lived all their lives. And this is where it can be more challenging – but a PI can still maybe help.

We would certainly try, anyway.

We have a wide range of skills and resources available to us to help trace people. We’ll begin with online searches, but there are a lot of options open to us, which we can discuss with you as part of our initial consultation sessions. We also work with a network of other investigators and can call on them if we find threads that lead to other locations around the country.

It’s important to note that not all missing persons searches are successful. We wish they were, but sometimes it is impossible. And also, we have to follow certain requirements from a legal perspective and if we view your request to not have a legal purpose, we may refuse to act. But we’d clear all of this up when we first met you and discussed your case.

And also, you should note that we can usually only pass on your contact details to the person. We can’t give you theirs.

If you’re missing family around International Family Day this year, and you think we could help, give us a call on 01772 334700.