National Stalking Awareness Week is taking place in the UK from 25th to 29th April. This annual event is aimed at raising awareness of stalking-related issues and helping victims of stalking get the support they need to live a life free from aggression, violence and intimidation.

It’s backed by the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, an organisation set up following the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh in 1986. As the UK’s leading personal safety charity and a true authority on stalking, they want to help victims understand their rights and the laws around stalking, and how to report it without putting themselves at risk.

What is stalking?

Stalking is a defined as being a pattern of repeated, unwanted behaviour that causes you distress or makes you feel scared. It can take various forms, including making unwanted communication, or sending repeated unwanted gifts such as flowers.

Stalking is often portrayed as being carried out by strangers, but actually 45% of people who’ve contacted the Suzy Lamplugh Trust about stalking say that it is an ex-partner stalking them, while a further 33% say they have had some prior acquaintance with their stalker, be it a friend, someone from the workplace or a former date.

How can EJM Investigations help?

There are two different types of stalking case – those where a victim suspects they are being stalked, and those where they know they are. Both types of situation bring about a range of emotions and can stop victims from living a free life.

If you suspect you are being stalked, you may suffer from fear and anxiety, but also a worry that you are being paranoid, and that you should not seek help in case you raise a false alarm. That’s not the case at all though – everyone has the right to live without fear, and if anything is causing you to worry then you should get it checked out.

And if you’re someone who knows they are being stalked, you will also be suffering from fear and anxiety, as well as panic that reporting or investigating it may result in your stalker taking further action, escalating things and causing you harm.

In either situation, a private investigator can help put an end to these distressing emotions. At EJM Investigations we’re able to provide discreet services to support victims.

If you aren’t sure whether you’re being stalked but you see certain signs which are concerning you, we’ll be able to carry out our own surveillance and investigations to verify what’s happening. Either we’ll put your mind at ease, or we’ll gather the evidence you need to be able to pursue legal action.

And our professionalism and discretion means that we won’t alert your stalker if you have one, so they won’t be able to cease activity and act normal until our investigation ends – we will get to the bottom of it either way.

The same is true if you know you’re being stalked. Our expert skillset will enable us to gather all the evidence you need of your stalker’s activities without alerting them, so that you have a robust case to take to the police without your stalker taking further steps to intimidate you.

In short, at EJM Investigations we can help to put an end to your stalker worries and ensure that you have a watertight case to get the police to take you seriously. Call us today on 01772 334700 if you have any concerns.

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