Job search process and PI work

When you’re hiring to fill a job vacancy, finding the right person can be hard. You might use a recruiter, or find applicants yourself. Whichever methods you choose, you need to be able to trust that you’re recruiting someone good.

Here are a few tips to help with finding the right employee:

– Be specific in your advert

You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble by making sure you write a detailed job advert. Include your expectations, what you’re offering and how much you’ll be paying. This saves you from receiving applications that want more than you can give.

If you require specific qualifications, make sure that these are mentioned in the advert. You’re a busy person, so save yourself from piles of unsuitable applications.

– Use an interview to back up the application

Most applicants will provide a CV and fill in an application form. The interview is your chance to learn more about the person, beyond what they’ve written on paper.

Perhaps consider swapping a traditional interview for a task, an assessment day or a group interview, to see how an applicant really works.

– Run background checks

Any applicant can invent information for a CV. If you could benefit from references, don’t skip them because it seems like too much effort to get them.

Run any background checks you need. Check references. Confirm qualifications. Use a private investigator, before you give an official job offer.

Employee vetting is important. The wrong employee may not only be bad at the job, but also completely unqualified and potentially dangerous. They could damage your company’s reputation, or in some jobs cause serious harm.

You don’t want to regret your choice of employee. If you want to protect your business, call 01772 334 700 and speak to EJM Investigations.

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